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Meet Our Presenters


Saturdays from 12pm-3pm

Meet LJ - A clumsy blonde who is very passionate about food, animals, travelling, music, making people laugh and radio! At the age of 17 LJ cut her teeth in broadcasting at an online radio station and has been in the game ever since. As a kid she fell in love with radio and the companionship that it provides; and after one night of feeling that spark of connection when she turned on her Hi-Fi, she knew that she was in it for the long haul! LJ has been part of One FM 94.0 since the early days and takes pride in her community and is dedicated to making a difference. She loves music and is extremely devoted to the South African music scene and discovering local talent and won't miss an opportunity to educate you from AKA to Zoid.

Christo Cilliers

Sundays from 9am - 12pm

Three great hours that Christo Cilliers shares with the community on the West Coast Atlantic Seaboard every Sunday from 9am to 12 noon. We play a VERY mixed bag of great music with emphasis on Afrikaans music. Together, we share food topics, shine the spotlight on various musicians from all around the world, community news and birthdays of both local people and the famous. We take a look at "this day in history" and we play you everything that you want to hear! Afterall, music is the cement that binds us together as a community. Christo loves getting to know the community and is a firm believer in celebrating the successes of others so don't hesitate to share your stories with him! Come find inspiration by tuning in and be part of Lekker Sondag Brunch

Tabitha Wright-Ingle

Saturdays and Sundays from 7am - 9am

Tabitha Wright-Ingle is a passionate radio presenter for local community radio station ONEFM 94.0. Tabitha’s dedication to radio and to the community is indisputable in the manner that she dedicates her time and effort into providing the community with insightful, inspirational and informative information. You can tune in to “Take it easy on your weekend breakfast with Tabitha Wright-Ingle”, Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7 to 9 AM and there is where Tabitha will take you on a journey of self discovery, health and wellness, neighborhood news, interpersonal relationships, homecare, all things animal related as well as providing you with the latest events and current surf report. Tabitha’s motto: “No-one is you and that is your power”

Justin Mostert

Sundays from 6pm

Hi , I am Justin Mostert , AKA Dr. Feelgood, presenter of The Weekend Wind Down. Every Sunday form 6Pm. I play music not often heard on the radio in a show tailor made to make you feel good at the end of your weekend and set you up for a good week ahead. I also offer advice and encouragement for those of you in our community who suffer from depression and anxiety. I am not an expert on these subjects but I speak from an empathic point of view , keeping it all real. My freinds, I look forward to entertaining you as well as lifting your spirits every Sunday from 6pm on The Weekend Wind Down only on One FM 94.0

Dakota Lyon

Youth Show Every Saturday (3pm – 6pm)

My name is Dakota Lyon and I’m 15 years old and I go to Edgemead High School, I enjoy listening to One Fm because it is a family friendly, community radio station that plays great music and covers very interesting topics. One Fm is a huge inspiration as it supports its community and is involved in uplifting community initiatives. I host the youth show with my co-host Brady every Saturday where we play fantastic music, discuss teenagers and all their experiences as well as keep them informed with regards to careers choices, and community support for teenagers. We also have a lot fun discussing trends, fashion and things to do around Cape Town.

Sugen Maistry

Saturdays from 8pm

I'm passionate about staying involved in the community because it's the glue that ties us together keeping us connected from all walks of life. Together we can make a difference. I admire all the talented people in our community and wish to keep our community informed and engaged with these individuals, especially the projects they are apart of and unique art that they have created. I'm on the Westcoast Array every Saturday at 8 pm, showcasing local and international music. We dive deep into the roots of musicians and artists alike, having fun and ensuring that you are entertained."

Brady Swarts

Youth Show Every Saturday (3pm – 6pm)

My name is Brady Swarts, I’m 16 years old and I go to Milnerton High School. I enjoy listening to One FM because it is different from any other radio station because it sole purpose is to bring a community together more so than any other radio station. It breaks boundaries in allowing the youth to come and talk on air and share their views on what’s happening in their daily lives. I am the co-host to Dakota on the Youth Show every Saturday where we play amazing music, discuss and share our views around daily problems and talk about ways on how to deal with daily experiences that are faced by teenagers. We also have fun in discussing recent trends, funny and random topics, and all things to do around Cape Town.

Natasha Lyon

Women’s Wednesday Show (7pm-9pm)

Natasha Lyon is an enthusiastic, positive and inspiring radio presenter for local community radio station ONE FM 94.0 Her previous experience in the corporate sector and as a business owner, and having become a single mother overnight has driven her to passionately inspire all women by relating, and with motivation and interviews of successful women in their own right. She is dedicated to being involved in working with people and initiatives to uplift communities and inspire people. Working for ONE FM 94.0 is a natural fit for her, especially working with the One Fm team that certainly live up to their motto “Together As One” and is the No.1 Community Radio Station that she is very proud to be a part of. I host the Women’s Wednesday Show, Designing Women 7-9pm currently and 6-8 from November. I feel that if you are passionate about anything in life, you should be driven by that gut feeling and step into it, pursue it with all you have and push past the little fears of the unknown and of any challenges that may lie ahead of you…One Fm 94.0 epitomizes this. Loving One Fm Life

Kabelo Shomang

Mondays to Fridays from (4pm - 7pm)

Offering a background immersed in Media Productions, from Theatrical Arts to TV Presenting and Event Coordinating, Kb was born in Gauteng Soweto, and at a tender age of 12 he relocated to Cape Town due to a job offer his mother received at Groote Schuur Hospital. In 2003 after completing his drama diploma at "The Delia Sainsbury Waterfront Theatre College" he ventured into the Radio, serving in community based radio stations that educate and uplift communities. With his bubbly personality and infectious laugh, Kb hosts "The Number ONE Drive Show" on OneFM 94.0 with his Co-Star Rebecca Hart focusing on News, Weather and Traffic, together they deliver good radio, offering the listener fun interactive content and music perfect for an afternoon drive show.

Rebecca Hart

Mondays to Fridays from 4pm - 7pm

Rebecca Hart - Born in Cape Town, local and lekker, this 21 year old has a huge passion for radio and the community! While completing a degree in Strategic Brand Communications, she spends her free time doing what she loves, TALKING! A self-proclaimed music BOF and advocate of dad jokes with a passion for connecting with listeners on a personal level ! With her youthful vibe and witty commentary, she Co-Hosts the weekday "Number ONE Drive Show" on OneFM 94.0 focusing on News, Weather and Traffic. With the leading man KB Shomang, together they personify what radio is all about. Offering the listener fun interactive content and music perfect for an afternoon drive show! Catch Rebecca Hart Monday to Friday 4pm - 7pm only on OneFM94.0. Catch Phrase : "Keep that Positive Mindset and Dance Like Nobody Is Watching" ❤

Martin Myers

1 Hour off the bench with Nick and Kabelo Fridays from (3pm-4pm)

A UCT graduate, and founder of the NPC Music Exchange, publicist and music strategy , Martin Myers began his career in the music industry by running UCT Radio at the University of Cape Town back in 1985. It was then that he decided that his future lay in the music business. Martin’s break came that same year when he organized a gig for the legendary Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse. The personal and professional relationship that was established then remains solid 32 years later. Together they have worked on numerous projects, including the 46664 Mandela Day Concert in New York in July 2009 For 16 years, Martin was BMG/ Sony Music's Cape Town publicist and marketing person working closely with local and international acts including Vusi Mahlasela, BLK Sonshine, Shayne Ward, Just Jinger ,SSQ and John Legend amongst the many artists. He was also partner in leading technical company SMD Technical for 15 years and co founded the crew agency called Crew U. In 2009 Martin founded Music Exchange, a non profit body which organizes an annual music conference designed to empower people in the music industry, especially young artists, with the knowledge necessary to turn their passion into a sustainable livelihood. Music Exchange has grown significantly, and now hosts regular workshops across the year with leading figures from the world of music. It is recognized as South Africa’s leading independent music conference The conference now in its 10th year is held annually in September and has brought to South Africa many highly respected international speakers to Cape Town . World music leaders with gravitas including : Charles Goldstuck, the President and Chief Executive Officer of TouchTunes Interactive Networks, and formerly the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Bertelsmann Music Group (U.S.), a division of Sony Music Entertainment, one of the world’s leading music companies; Dr Trevor Jones, (whom we manage in South Africa), one of the world’s leading film composers, based in Hollywood and London, who grew up in District 6; from Australia, Stuart Rubin , the head of marketing for BMG Record Company, and David Vodika chairman of Rubber Records Australia; and in 2014 from Germany, Tim Renner, the Minister for Culture for Berlin and from the United States, Mos Def and in 2015 we had Bryan Michael Cox 9 time Grammy winner and Brandon Bakshi head of BMI London.