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Help Ally Get Her Spinal Fusion Surgery


Alexandra has been diagnosed with severe scoliosis with a 50 degree curve which will worsen and eventually affect her quality of life. The curvature has already started pressing on her vital organs a d as time goes it will become more severe and painful if this operation is not done. As loving parents who are unsupported by the medical aid scheme in which have been paying monthly, this is our last hope for assistance to help Alexandra get the operation she needs to function as a normal growing young lady. Unfortunately we have been let down by the scheme and there is a massive shortfall of over R250 000 in order for her to get this surgery. We asking for any help and donations while we try out outmost best to remain strong, and positive for our daughter. We thank you in advance for any support you can provide and to bring awareness to scoliosis and how it impacts the lives of so many. Unfortunately the curve is severe and we require a specialist to perform the surgery, we have been referred to Dr Davis and we believe he will successfully do the spinal fusion.

She is in a lot of pain of late, her anxiety and stress is now affecting her eating and she is loosing weight. She is a strong beautiful young lady who is selfless and puts everyone else above her. She has been called a old soul by everyone that knows her. The operation is scary, we are anxious about this, and then we got the bad news about the funding situation. We are doing the fund raising for anyone who can assist, the support thus far from strangers and people in the community has been a incredible show of the human element of compassion and unity in time of crisis. It is a long road and we have a very long way to go still.

Being a teenager she dresses herself, she wants her privacy and being winter we didn’t notice it straight away, it was one evening during dancing in the kitchen she had a short sleeve top on (it was winter so she was always wearing her silly big robe we have a joke about that robe) and we saw this massive hump on her back. Immediately the panic set it and we started researching. I made an emergency apt with the chiropractor to see if they would analyse, they then referred us to do a full spinal scan and to go see a physio. After seeing the physio and the scans she said we must immediately ask for an emergency appt with DR Davis he works by referral only and he specializes with these severe scoliosis . We managed to get an appointment with him. We did multiple scans, and MRI (very traumatic for 12 year old) it was then we were told the only way is a spinal fusion, the curve is too severe for any other methods or braces. We did further scans and he said he was happy with the look of the scans and is confident in the surgery.

We had to overcome that overwhelming news, you feel helpless as a parent. You wonder if it’s your fault, could you have seen it sooner. It was only after looking at photos of a few months prior when we were hiking we saw her back was perfect, this happened so quick and the Doctor also said its so rapid and it isn’t our fault, and we caught it quick. We wrapped our head around the fact of ally having to undergo a 3 hour spinal fusion, with her being in ICU and a long recovery period, we assured her like we do and as a family unit we stand behind her and stay strong. It is not easy carrying on with normal life with this on your plate but we adjusted and pushed on.

Then I got the call last week Friday with this news, a snarky “are you sitting down” was how the topic was approached. We were told the medical INSURANCE we on is only covering up to R80k and we need to come up with the balance of R300k, the shock was unbearable. Instead of panicking we pulled together and started this go fund me campaign and have started a FB page for ally and to raise awareness to Scoliosis .

It is not only physical pain, it is emotional, especially for a young lady growing up her confidence and anxiety. We want this behind us, we want ally to know that we made it through this despite everything. This struggle will define her, it will be a huge drive for her to realise in life you can achieve anything if you keep fighting and never back down no matter how big something seems or how impossible,

We are warriors and we will not surrender, even when we are tired, drained and overwhelmed we will bow our heads and rest but then we look up again, pick up our shield and get back into battle. 

Help Ally get her Spinal Fusion surgery