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Pots and Pots of Food

28 August 2017 Restaurants

This weekend saw one of Table View’s most loved and most well-known family restaurants come to life with more food than is normally on the menu.

On Saturday 26th August, Driftwood café was the venue for the fantastic Potjie Palooza, and what a day it was. Perfect weather with blue skies and plenty of sunshine helped set the scene for a fun foodie day raising funds for Table View Angels. With a good number of very different entries, family fun was the most important part of the day with One FM adding some cool tunes to ensure the day went well.

From early in the morning teams from a number of local companies started preparing their pots and the air was filled with the smell of braai smoke as the fires were lit. It wasn’t long before the aroma of good food being cooked slowly began to make people feel hungry. The variety of potjies was quite astounding with some fairly traditional hunger busters to an unusual Potjie Lasagne from Debt Therapy. Of course there was a superb West Coast seafood pot, what would a potjie competition be without one?

A good crowd attended this fun event and showed their support. A mini food and craft market provided some added enjoyment for the families who just wanted an easy day out. Kids took advantage of the great weather, bouncing on the trampoline, the jumping castle and climbing on Driftwood’s very special jungle gym. Laughter was heard all over the grounds of Driftwood Café and a real family atmosphere ensued.

Judges had their work cut out when it came to choosing a winner; they were all very well fed indeed. With so many pots and so many different tastes every entry was very much a winner but a winner did have to be chosen.

In the end the winners were:

First Place: Tinto

Second Place: Boondock Saints

Third Place: West Coast Konings

Fourth Place: Greased Lightning

The winner of the Gees award went to West Coast Konings

Events like this make Table View and surrounds such a fun place to live. All those who took part in the Potjie Palooza had a wonderful time and those who visited were treated to a great day out. The day was a superb day for Table View Angels who wrote on their Facebook Page “Thank you team for your hard work and congrats to all the teams. Thank you specially to Hester Kleynhans and Elize from Rent me Buy me and our great judges Max, Shevaughn Mulder, David Harris, Kevin Jones and Grant Lemos. Thank you OneFM for the entertainment, you are awesome!”

Table View Angels

Contact person: Ankarien Oelofse

Tel: 071 407 5445

Email: ankarien@tableviewangels.co.za

Website: http://www.tableviewangels.co.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/tableviewangels1


Driftwood Café

Tel:  021 556 8897

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialDriftwoodCafe/


Matt Newnham is a local freelance writer and published author visit his website www.mattnewnham.co.za

If you have a restaurant or production you would like One FM to review contact us at community@onefm.co.za


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