• Soulful Sunday

    Soulful Sunday

    08:00 10:00
    We play a mix of the world’s best diva’s, coupled with R&B hits, and popular gospel songs.
  • The Playback from Wayback

    The Playback from Wayback

    10:00 13:00
    Like the name of the show suggest, John plays you the hits that made South African radio what it is today, from the 60’s through to the 80’s.
  • Overdrive


    13:00 15:00
    We highlight South African music and put it into Overdrive. From the past, present and the future, South African musicians are showcased in this show. Don’t be surprised if you hear your favourite SA artist performing live in studio. No rules here, just SA music rulz – ok?
  • Sunday Lifestyle

    Sunday Lifestyle

    15:00 18:00
    The Sunday Edition of Sunday Lifestyle. Life, life, and life. How to deal with life with a lot of humor and quirky thoughts about life. Coupled with awesome hits, this is a show to prepare you for your Sunday night.
  • The Weekend Wind Down

    The Weekend Wind Down

    18:00 21:00
    Easy listening songs and beats from the 80’s through to the early 90's.
  • The Late Night Show

    The Late Night Show

    21:00 00:00
    A perfect way to end your weekend. Classic love songs from all genres.
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