• Saturday Start Up

    Saturday Start Up

    07:00 09:00
    A great way to start your weekend! The ONLY sports show on Saturday mornings on FM radio. Gerard and Jason talk local and international sports and weekend news, and entertain you with some sport trivia.
  • The Weekend Pow Wow

    The Weekend Pow Wow

    09:00 12:00
    We ease you into your late morning with great music, coupled with interesting thought provoking facts of life.
  • The One FM 94.0 Top 30

    The One FM 94.0 Top 30

    12:00 15:00
    Three hours of the latest hits from across the Atlantic to the shores of South Africa. Anything fresher is still being recorded. These are the best of the latest newest songs on the airwaves.
  • Saturday Lifestyle

    Saturday Lifestyle

    15:00 18:00
    Life, life, and life. How to deal with life a with a lot of humor and quirky thoughts.
  • One FM 94.0 Youth Show

    One FM 94.0 Youth Show

    18:00 20:00
    We let the youth take control of the station for two hours, dropping rhymes and beats and latest tech trends.
  • Saturday Night Dance Zone

    Saturday Night Dance Zone

    20:00 00:00
    The latest dance tracks to move your waist line to the bass line....
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