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Live Chat for Conversions & an App for Birth Control | #DigitalBuzzShow

16 August 2017 Digital Buzz Show Online Marketing Technology

Greetings to you my loyal #DigitalBuzzShow listener. Once again I had an action packed show last night and as usual, we kicked off with some quick tech news before moving onto our regular tech slot with the boys from Matrix Warehouse Computers in Table View Mall.

This weeks post we cover a few things from last nights show:I cover the show below. Here is what you can expect:

  • How to use a Chat Box to increase conversions and sales on your website
  • Voice-to-text Dictation
  • Feature App – Natural Cycles
  • Universal Flash Storage (UFS)

Voice-to-text Dictation

Have you ever used the voice search feature on your phone to conduct a Google search? I’m sure you have. In fact, by 2020 it is predicted that more than 50% of all searches on a mobile will be a voice search.

This got me thinking about using voice as dictation. Google now recognizes 119 languages for voice-to-text dictation.  This feature is used to type emails, text messages and Google docs. I have used this feature in a few situations myself and I found it to be quite accurate. On a PC I type around 70 words per minute, however, on a cell phone or iPad this is much slower. Voice-to-Text on a mobile device hugely speeds things up for me.

When do people use voice search?

  • When with friends
  • In the bathroom
  • While cooking
  • While exercising
  • While watching TV

When do people use voice search

This Weeks #DigitalBuzzShow Featured App

Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is the first official certified app to be used as Birth Control.

I know, Crazy right?

This is how the app works. Every morning a lady can measure her temperature by logging into the app. The app uses an algorithm to work out if the day is green (fertile) or red. When fertility is likely then it is suggested you used protection.

The Swedish based company says that in clinical studies they found that the app is effective for contraception. It has over 200,000 users in 161 countries.

Look, the app won’t stop you from contracting STD’s and it certainly won’t stop you from not using protection during your fertile period, however, it has been proven to be accurate with the cycle according to them.

This app is certified in the EU as a form of birth control :-0

Learn more about Natural Cycles here or download it online from the play store or the app store.

Natural Cycles App for fertility and contraception

Right so moving on swiftly to the internet marketing side of things.

Why should you install a Live Chat feature on your website?

Live Chat Plugins for your website

There has been a lot of research on this and I’m continually testing this for our clients at OMG.  Customers who use Live Chat are 3X more likely to buy something on your website. See this resource.

Customers who use live chat 3x

Up to 50% trust a website more if live chat is available.

Others have found a 40% increase in online leads with live chat.

Why does Live Chat work?

Imagine you are in a store and you are browsing to buy a present for your partner. You’ve been walking around but can’t find anything. A shop assistant sees that you are a little lost and frustrated and walks over to assist you. Live chat is a little like this in the online world. Your visitors might be 4-5 pages deep on your site and still haven’t shown any major buying signals. Live chat is set to pop up after a few page visits or even after a few minutes. The timing is perfect and the visitor is hugely appreciative.

If you and your marketing team have created your customer empathy map you would know exactly what their pain points are. You can have your agents use this inside Intel as a way to immediately reach them emotionally.

Live chat is also very convenient. People don’t always want to pick up the phone to ask a question or fill in a lengthy form. Live chat is quick and easy.

Econsultancy shows that 79% of people prefer live chat because they got their questions answered immediately.

Why is live chat preferred

Final word on Live Chat plugins. I’ve mentioned this before. Improving your visitor experience can increase your website conversions. You don’t even have to increase your current traffic. Focus on the customer journey and user experience. Of course this if you have some traffic. If you don’t then you need to drive traffic.

What is the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) – Courtesy of Craig Spolander from Matrix Warehouse Computers


Arguably one of the most impactful developments in storage has been the Micro SD card. With capacities of hundreds of GB’s on a card about the size of your fingernail, they’ve enabled awesome storage flexibility in tones of small devices that even full-scale home PC’s 20 years ago couldn’t dream of. But in this age of SATA3 and PCI-E drives, it is clear that the bottleneck of most storage formats is still sped.

This is especially relevant to micro SD as these small memory cards are becoming increasingly popular as a primary storage device, such as in Net Books or Smart Phones or even Raspberry Pi’s. Enter University Flash Storage or UFS, a new format that aims to ultimately replace Micro SD. And although they’re both about the same size, both physically and in terms of capacity, UFS promises to be a lot quicker!

What kind of speeds can we expect from UFS?

Most main-stream Micro SD cards have sequential read & write speeds of < 100 MBPS and even high-end UHS-II cards have a theoretical cap of 312MBPS (one direction) or 156MBPS in full duplex with most cards being slower than that.

UFS on the other hand can perform sequential reads at up to 530MBPS, which essentially matches high-end SATA SSD’s. Write speeds will be as high as 170MBPS, allowing for better performance when recording 4K video, or taking large uncompressed photos, things that are becoming more and more common as feature rich smart phones decrease in price and become more wide spread.

Are these going to be useful for everyday use too?

If you’re interested in using a UFS cards for things other than just storing large files, like running mobile apps or using it instead of a hard drive in something like a Chrome-Book, UFS also has vastly improved random performance, usually expressed in IOPS (Inputs and Outputs Per Second), which is the most important thing for everyday all-purpose use.

The fastest current gen Micro SD cards can get a little over 3,000 IOPS at 4K random reads, but UFS cards can get as much as 40,000 reads and 30,000 write IOPS! Not quite as fast as a current mid range SSD (+- 70,000 IOPS), but that is still insanely fast for such a small card and still several thousand times faster than a traditional mechanical drive.

So not only do these increased speeds mean better performance, they will also give us greater flexibility with regards to app storage options as many developers haven’t allowed their apps to run directly off of an SD card due to concerns about responsiveness. And since developers might be more open to having their software run off of UFS cards, you won’t have to worry about your phone’s internal memory, such is the case with so many smart phones today.

Add in the significantly lower power consumption compared to Micro SD, which will keep your device power up for longer, especially while taking videos or photo’s, and UFS look set to make our mobile gadgets even more useful than ever before.

Though you may have to wait a while to take advantage of it. Samsung just announced the cards, and they haven’t quite hit the market yet. But expect to see the next wave of smart devices.


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