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23 August 2017 Magazine Blogs Restaurants

Monday 21st August saw Table View and surrounds get its Greek on with the opening of a brand new restaurant, The Fat Greek in Porterfield Road.

As the sister restaurant to Mykonos in Seapoint, The Fat Greek has a lot to live up to and co-owner and local football referee Dimitri Manousakis did just that at the very personal, very special Big Fat Greek Opening. The first thing that became very clear was twofold, Dimitri and his restaurant are all about family and secondly it is all about community. These undertones that define the restaurant speak volumes and create a solid foundation from which to grow not only the business but also its role locally.

The opening evening for Dimitri and his amazing, handpicked staff was a chance to show off the food they will be serving along with the bubbly, professional and welcoming service that makes everyone, Greek or not, feel more than welcome. Escorted to a table, under a row of family photos that are placed under brightly painted wooden chairs hung on the wall, the food service was about to begin and Dimitri had a huge smile on his face as if welcoming guests to his home.

The menu at The Fat Greek is quintessentially Greek and having the knowledge of what works and what does not work from Mykonos, what is served is exceptional. I am now going to show my lack of knowledge about Greek food. First up were some amazing meatballs, piled high on serving dishes with patrons being asked to tuck in. These were deliciously mouth-watering and the first of many courses. (Or were these merely samples?)

Next came, what local South Africans would simply call a Sosatie, a stick with some seriously tender, secretly marinated chicken pieces that just oozed flavour. In just two simple dishes, it was becoming clear why The Fat Greek was so and why it will be a very popular restaurant. There is a wonderful word that describes the food at The Fat Greek. That word is Moreish, and Dimitri and his kitchen crew have mastered the art of making their food moreish.

A variety of other dishes, samples or full courses I still have no idea, followed, as my wine glass seemed to overflow as the Greek hospitality showed. Currently, the Fat Greek is not licenced but Dimitri is happy for guests to bring their own drinks and eat his food if that is what it takes to make a party happen. On opening night the party happened, guests were well fed with amazing food and it didn’t take long before the Greeks started doing what they do best… dance.

On Monday night, Table View gained a small piece of Greece, The Fat Greek became more than a restaurant it became a place of happiness, laughter and music, a place where strangers became friends and a dream for the owners became a reality. A cheer echoed though the vines that decorate the ceiling as white roses were thrown under the feet of the dancers… Opa! And so the party was underway in true Greek style.

The Fat Greek came to life and as it did, something special happened. Outside, in Porterfield Road the heavens opened and much needed rain began to fall, so much rain that a flash flood occurred. Although the rain was and is, much welcome in Cape Town right now it is not so much that that made Dimitri smile as he whispered in my ear “In Greece, rain is good luck”. This bodes well for the future of the latest and most special restaurant to open its doors in Table View, The Fat Greek, as anyone will discover when they pay the friendly place a visit.

Restaurant:             The Fat Greek

Address:                   Shop 5, Marine Promenade

Porterfield Road, Table View


Bookings:                  021 556 4737

Facebook:                 https://www.facebook.com/FatGreek/

By Matthew Newnham

Freelance writer and published author residing in Table View. www.mattnewnham.co.za



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