First Finalist are on air!

The first auditions for the Voice of One FM 94.0 were held on Saturday 10 October 2015 at Table View Shopping Centre. The entrants were so eager that some registered two hours before the start of the auditions. Auditions ended at 14h00 and 13 contestants were auditions. They were asked to read a script and an edited piece is now broadcasting on One FM 94.0 with a call to action. That action is for listeners to vote for their favourite voice on So vote for your favourite voice! These votes will help your favourite voice get into the finals on 31 October 2015 which will be announced on at the finals at 10h00. Share with everyone that you know - we're looking for the Voice of One FM 94.0 - could it be you? Explaination Voice Warm Ups

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  1. Hi

    I am interested in auditioning to be the Voice of One FM. From what time may I register to audition? Also, do I read the whole script out?


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