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Why become a member?

One FM is a community radio station, and we rely on the input from the community. Just like you’d join a sports club and pay a membership fee, the same applies for a community radio station. Being a member allows you to:

  • Cast your vote at our Annual General Meetings.
  • Have a say on on-air policies.
  • Get personal invites and information about upcoming events.
  • Be eligible to work at One FM.

What happens with funds raised through membership?

All funds raised go towards the operational costs of the station.

How long is a membership valid?

Memberships are valid for one year and renew annually from the date of subscription.

Does becoming a member guarantee me employment?

Community radio stations consist mostly of volunteers. Volunteers will be selected based upon their skills that will best suit the station in order to serve the community best. Becoming a member does not guarantee employment. As with all radio stations, there are a finite amount of positions that need to be filled, and the decision will always lie with the management team to best fill those positions.

How do I apply for a position at One FM?

complete the form above and request a membership form tick off your what interest you have on the membership form. This will allow us to see where to best place you should a position become available.

These positions are:

  • On-air presenter
  • Content producer (for on-air broadcast)
  • Journalist
  • Marketing
  • Music Policy Committee
  • Content Committee
  • IT
  • Internship (off-air)
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